Live Foundation

Briefly in English

Live Foundation (former Invalidisäätiö) is a foundation established in 1940 for the medical treatment, rehabilitation and vocational training of veterans injured in the Winter War. 

Finnish society has gone through great changes since those days. Live Foundation has been keeping up with this development, changing its own activities to meet the demands of the changing society.

Since the historical starting point, the focus of Live Foundation's activities has shifted into vocational special needs education and career and employment services for people in need of special support. That is why The Foundations sold its private hospital, Orton Oy, in 2017.

Today, Live Foundation maintains two professional units, Vocational College Live and Live Services.

We facilitate employment!


Social Function

The social mission of Live Foundation is to enable as many people as possible to function as full-fledged members in the Finnish society. Live Foundation is continuously developing its activities and services to meet the demands of the changing society.

What unifies all of our activities is our desire to understand our customers' special needs and to provide the best possible solution for them.


Vocational College Live

Live Foundation's biggest unit is Vocational College Live, the third largest special vocational school, and development centre for special needs education in Finland. It operates as a non-profit organization, funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Vocational College Live provides education designed for students who need special support in their studies due to disability, injury, illness or for some other reason.


Live Services

Another organization maintained by Live Foundation is Live Services, a professional unit that provides methods, tools and solutions to help our customers to find a new direction in life, such as employment, returning to work or education. An experienced and professional team of experts in working life training and rehabilitation work hand-in-hand with the customer. The ultimate goal of Live Services is to have people employed in their current profession or educated in an entirely new field of profession.