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Values and strategy

Every person matters


The Live Foundation works to ensure that everyone finds their place in society. Our operations are focused on the employment, education, training and rehabilitation of those in need of special support.

Live believes that everyone has the right to find employment and be included in society, which is why we aim to find everyone their individual path to education, training or working life.

We believe that everyone has the skills needed by the Finnish working life. Everyone can be helped to find a suitable job. That is why we help those in need of support to find their own path towards working life by means of education, training, rehabilitation and coaching. The values of the Live Foundation are based on this philosophy as well as discussions between our personnel.

Live’s values are:

• sense of community
• courage
• humanity
• clear, systematic action

Live employees follow Live’s values – a sense of community, courage, humanity and clear, systematic action – in their everyday activities. We emphasise a sense of community when working with each other and with our customers as experts of humane treatment.

Live encourages its employees to express their ideas and puts the best ones into practice. We always aim to ensure that our activities are clear and systematic. Live’s values guide our decisions and communications and support our work in line with our strategy, summarised in the phrase ‘We facilitate employment’.

As a member of the Finnish Association of Social Enterprises ARVO, we have given the ARVO promise.


Our shared goal is to help our customers in need of special support find employment and their place in society.

The ‘We facilitate employment’ strategy of the Live Foundation is shared by all the foundation’s activities.

Our mission is to help our customers in need of special support find employment and their place in society. Employment can mean participating in a workshop for one hour a day or full-time paid work – or anything in between. Work gives people a sense of purpose, which is why everyone must have the right to work.

We offer people a sense of purpose through involvement and work.

By implementing our shared strategy, we improve the position of those in need of special support in Finnish society. Together, without organisational boundaries.

The social mission of the Live Foundation is promote and support people’s ability to become and remain a fully-fledged member of Finnish society.