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Vocational special education

For students who require special support.

Live Vocational College 

Live Vocational College is the largest special education institution and development center in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

The training we provide is targeted at individuals who need special education, individual support and guidance in their studies and employment. The reasons for the need for support may include, for example, health reasons, learning difficulties, and social or psychological challenges.

We provide preparatory and rehabilitative training, pre-vocational training, vocational qualification training, further and specialist qualification training. Live offers vocational education in Finnish.

We offer our students individual and flexible study plans. Teaching takes place in smaller groups than in mainstream vocational institutions. We have a large number of experts in various fields who take care of the health and social well-being of our students and offer a variety of individual support for learning.

The school has ten units in Uusimaa area. We have approximately one thousand students annually studying with us. The number of staff is approx. 350.

Live family also includes Live Services, which offers employment services. We are part of the Live Foundation. The Live Foundation (formerly Invalidisäätiö foundation) is a non-profit foundation whose activities are guided by social responsibility and effectiveness.

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Live Vocational College representation

TELMA education (preparatory and rehabilitative training)

TUVA education (pre-vocational training)